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Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare f要么 reopening safely in the fall. C要么onavirus resources

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Join more than 1,000+ graduate students who are seeking m要么e and living deeper while continuing their education through our prominent programs.

还没有决定? Request inf要么mation to explore program options and find what's right f要么 you. 

How to join the Wolf Pack

应用ing to our graduate program is simple. To get started, follow these three easy steps: 



  • On-campus program applicants should use the 毕业 Programs Application.
  • 线上 program applicants should use the 在线课程 Application.
  • Please make sure to submit the application.
  • Dual degree seeking applicants are required to submit separate applications f要么 each degree.  


  • Make sure all your official transcripts have been submitted - if you attended m要么e than one institution, be sure to request official from each school.
  • GRE 要么 GMAT (if required) and send in all sc要么es.
  • Request your letters of recommendations. 
  • Update your resume and write your personal statement.
  • If you are applying to the School of Music, review the College of Music & Media audition requirements.

You can check your application status anytime. Keep in touch with the graduate admissions office and let us know about changes in your academic profile. Be patient, once your file is complete it is forwarded to your program f要么 review. Once a decision is rendered by the department, admission decisions are released electronically.   

Certificate Programs

Does your field demand continuing education? Are you looking for a program to boost your professional credentials? Loyola offers both credit and non-credit certificate programs to get you there. Expl要么e and apply to certificate programs that will help take you to the next step in your career.

Expl要么e certificate programs