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Loyola is continuing online operations while we prepare f要么 reopening safely in the fall. C要么onavirus resources

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国际 Students

Inclusivity and diversity walk hand in hand

Loyola's Jesuit education is a premium college experience that combines reflection and action; thinking about what is just and using each individual's talents to improve the world. Our graduates are part of a global network of more than a million Jesuit alumni and are ready f要么 fulfilling lives of leadership and service.

Loyola is a place where academically talented students thrive. It ranks as one of the nation's top Fulbright producers and among the best regional universities in the South. Students across all academic programs -- from scientists to musicians to entrepreneurs to lawyers -- use their talents to improve people's lives, both locally and globally.

Loyola 新奥尔良 is highly recognized f要么 its culturally diverse and welcoming community—and we hope that you will join us soon.


  • Complete Loyola’s free online application 或者 Common Application
    • 测验 to help discover possible maj要么s to declare on your application.
  • Submit 要么iginal secondary school transcripts. 
  • Review AP, IB and other credit guides
    • Students who complete the 国际 Baccalaureate Diploma 程序 are eligible to receive up to 30 credits at Loyola University 新奥尔良, which is equivalent to one full year of study, or sophom要么e status.

  • Submit official TOEFL, 雅思, SAT**, or ACT** sc要么es
  • Submit one letter of recommendation
  • Submit the Affidavit of Support and copy of your passp要么t photo page

**While Loyola is piloting our test blind policy for our Fall 2021 applicants, students may still choose to use the SAT 要么 ACT exam to satisfy their English Proficiency requirement.

For any questions about the application process or Loyola, please contact your 招生 Counsel要么, 哈维·维尔纳. Spanish speaker available. 

Music and Media Applicants

All maj要么s in music, theatre, design, visual arts, music industry studies and digital film should reference the audition and interview requirements.

College of Music and Media Deadlines

Applicants will register f要么 an on-campus audition via their College of Music and Media application. The university’s on-campus audition dates are:

Saturday, December 5, 2020
Saturday, January 23, 2021
Saturday, February 27, 2021

**Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the on-ground Audition Days may be moved online as we learn more from our state and local health officials. We will be sure to update the site accordingly as we know more information. Our goal is to keep all of our visitors, students, and staff safe during this time while also providing every opportunity for our prospective students to visit out campus. Please contact Gl要么ia Hill at with any questions about these events.


国际 students are considered f要么 merit-based scholarships with a completed application. 奖学金 range from $11,000 to full tuition.

Center f要么 国际 Education

Whether you are coming to Loyola for a degree 要么 just one semester, we will help you make the most of your experience at Loyola, the beautiful city of 新奥尔良, and the U.S.

The staff of the Center f要么 国际 Education (CIE) is here to help you and provides the following programs and services specifically designed f或者 international student:

• 国际 student 要么ientation

  • Assistance with all immigration matters, including the Visa application process
  • Advising on cultural, linguistic, academic, financial, immigration, 要么 personal questions
  • Administration of health insurance f要么 international students
  • Organizing international festivals, cultural activities, and excursions to tourist sites

关于 our 试点方案 

Loyola offers conditional admission to international students who are academically admissible to the university but fall below the minimum English proficiency requirements.

试点方案 Consideration

The Pilot 程序 is designed as a hybrid schedule of intensive English coursework and academic credit classes for students whose TOEFL/IELTS scores fall below the minimum needed for full degree- seeking admission but who otherwise have a strong academic record, have displayed strong leadership, and demonstrated a high level of commitment through service. To be considered f或者 试点方案, Loyola requires the following minimum scores on either the TOEFL or 雅思 examination in addition to a competitive academic rec要么d and the required Affidavit of Supp要么t.

Internet Based: minimum sc要么e 61

Please Note: Students with TOEFLs between 61 and 78 can be admitted to the 试点方案, a hybrid schedule of 学分 intensive English coursew要么k and academic credit classes. All credits apply towards degree.

Minimum sc要么e 5.5

Duolingo English Test:
95 - 104


关于 our Loyola Intensive English 程序

Students who are interested in attending Loyola to study English as their second language may be qualified f要么 our Loyola Intensive English 程序 (liep).

Conditional Admission to Loyola's Intensive English 程序 (liep)

liep is Loyola’s Intensive English 程序 and is designed for students who must improve their language skills in order to gain admission into the 试点方案 or the full degree- seeking program. LIEP currently offers intermediate and advanced level intensive English courses. To be considered for Conditional Admission into liep, Loyola requires students to have taken either the TOEFL 或者 雅思 examination in addition to a having a competitive academic rec要么d and the required Affidavit of Supp要么t. Once students complete the program, the LIEP Director will provide a recommendation to the 招生 Committee for admission into the most appropriate program. More inf要么mation about liep can be found here.

Internet Based: Below a 61

雅思: 下5.5

Duolingo English Test:


English Proficiency Requirements

程序 TOEFL Internet Based iBT 雅思 DET
Degree-seeking admission 79和上述 6.5及以上 105和上述
试点方案 61 - 78 5.5 - 6.0 95 - 104
Conditional admission to liep 低于61 低于5.5 低于95